Armenian Grape Varieties
Having a centuries-long history of winemaking and viticulture, Armenia received a quite a significant heritage of both autochthonous and selected grape varieties.

There are about 400 autochthonous grape varieties in Armenia. However, the majority of them are poorly studied: at the moment only 20 of them are used in production. Many grape varieties became a history; it is said that the wines from these grapes were interesting.
Today, some winemakers try to revive the forgotten varieties: they search for separate vines in private vineyards, trying to give them the second life. Of course, not all the plants found are autochthonous; some of them are artificially selected varieties during Soviet times.
Today’s innovators of Armenian viticulture and winemaking are to be commended, as they are every day busy with increasing the popularization of Armenian winemaking with their hard work. Their head goal is to acquaint the world with Armenian grapes varieties, prove the uniqueness of Armenian terroir and its huge potential in general as a reviving winemaking country with centuries-long experience in grape cultivation and ancient national traditions.