Ampelographic characteristics:

Black, with thick bloom cover.
Sugar content: 26.6-28.0 %
Plants are medium high. Leaves are medium, round, five lobed. Bunches are medium, conical, and have medium density. Berries are medium, egg-shape, black, with thick bloom layer. Skin is thick. Pulp is juicy. Shoot growing is good.


Unknown. Selection number 1452/75.

Resistance to diseases:

The variety has average resistance to fungal diseases and pests.

Vegetative features:

The variety is a late ripening grape. It reaches its technical ripeness in the sum of active temperatures 3400 °С in 155-160 days. Yield – 17-21 t/ha.

Climate conditions:

The variety has high resistance against frosts: up to -19 - -22 °С.
Wine characteristics:
Tigrani grape variety is used in the production of high-quality red dry table wines and dessert wines. It meets also in the blends with other red grape varieties.
Historic notes:
Tigrani is a selected technical Armenian red grape variety. This variety was developed in the result of crossing Saperavi and Armenian Areni Noir. The variety is widely cultivated in the vineyards of Ararat Valley.