About Us
A project with a unique philosophy aimed at developing the wine culture, popularizing the noble drink in Armenia and obtaining official recognition of domestic wines in the international arena. Our main mission is to familiarize consumers with wine manufactured exclusively in Armenia, taking into account international experience and in the cultural spirit of the country. The wine is a story, a celebration and emotions, especially if it’s made in Armenia. The project concept is presented in creation of a wine guide, where you can find all the information about Armenian wines. As part of the project, we want to introduce you to the main wine-growing regions of the country, with autochthonous and selective Armenian grape varieties, as well as present the unique Armenian terroir as an exclusive zone for professional winemaking. Reliable ratings, assessments, points, comments and production secrets of success, as well as professional wine tasting, gastronomic dinners, exhibitions and seminars will expand the wine horizons for both wine enthusiasts and sophisticated connoisseurs of the drink of the gods. An empirical approach, professional assessment and an endless love of wine are the three main engines of our project, which help us identify worthy representatives and find hidden works of art. The VINI project will become the main link between all segments of the wine industry in Armenia( producer, HoReCa, private consumer), thereby bringing them all together on one common platform for one common goal. The first interactive “Wine map of Armenia” and “Wine map of Yerevan” developed by us occupied an exceptional niche in the project. They will soon become the official guides to the world of Armenian wines and the main tourist routes of the country. All around wine and for wine.
Arthur Martirosyan
Wine enthusiast, graduate of the British “Wine & Spirit Education Trust” school, WSET-2 sommelier qualication holder, co-founder and member of the “Russian Wine Club” regional public organization, private collector and wine critic.
Artyom Mkrtchyan
Practicing chef-sommelier and mixologist in the American company “Carnival Cruise Line”, Member of the “East-European Association of Sommeliers and Experts”, graduate of the “Mozart Wine House”, WSET-2 qualication holder.
Amoor Avakian
Wine enthusiast, graduate of the University of Utrecht in Quantum Mechanics and Computer Science double majors. Worked in hospitality for over 2 decades and an investor and creator of severa HORECA technologies. Also a private wine collector and wine critic.