The centuries-long history of viticulture and winemaking in Armenia resulted in development of the cooperage industry. Due to high demand, cooperage has shortly become a separate craft in Armenia.

Geography of the country has also been beneficial for the development of cooperage, as the region boasts positive conditions for growth of oak trees. Caucasian oak is massively planted throughout the country, particularly in the winemaking region of Tavush – in the forests of Dilijan and Ijevan.

Though wood areas are concentrated in certain locations, the craft became quite popular throughout the country. The secrets and nuances of the oak barrels for wine ageing have already passed on from generation to generation for many years. Working with wood as well as growing grape is considered a noble craft in Armenia.

Unfortunately, the Armenian wine industry is now faced with the urgent problem of preservation of the old and planting of new forests.

Realizing the importance and the looming disaster, Armenian winemakers and private sector companies have made efforts to restore and massively plant new oak forests.