Khatun Kharji

Ampelographic characteristics:

Green-yellow, with brownish spots on the sunny side, covered with a bloom of medium thickness.
Sugar content – 26.0 -28.0 %
Levaes are medium sized, almost round, five lobed. Bunches are medium, conical and cylindrical, with medium density of berries, rarely – too dense. Berries are medium sized, round. Pulp is juicy, with pleasant flavors and specific varietal aromas. Skin is quite thick and firm.



Resistance to diseases:

The variety has medium resistance to fungal diseases.

Vegetative features:

The grapes ripe in the first ten days of September. The yield per plant is high – 27 – 30 t/ha.

Climate conditions:

The grape is not peculiar to soil structure and relief conditions. It has got high resistant to frosts.
Wine characteristics:
The variety produces wonderful fresh wines, with noble aromas and high quality. Its unique bouquet of aromas delivers a great pleasure. In fine wines Khatun Kharji demonstrates alpian flower aromas, citrus notes and gentle pineapple. It is possible to enjoy the wonderful wines from this variety more, paired with salads, as well as nice aromatic dishes with sea food and chicken.
Historic notes:
Khatun Kharji is a rare Armenian autochthonous variety, which belongs to eastern ego- geographical group of technical varieties. The variety is rare in the territory of Armenia; there are small plots of this variety in the region of Vayoc Dzor. Khatun Kharji has the meaning as “Madam Kharji”. Number of clones of this variety was discovered and currently they are in the process of investigation.