Ampelographic characteristics:

Greenish, from the sunny side it has got light-umber colour, with brown spots.
Sugar content: 16.0-21.0%
Plants are tall. Leaves are large, round, five lobed, smooth, shiny, at the bottom, the veins are covered with short hair, Bunches are medium or large, very dense. Berries are medium to large. Skin is rough, covered with thick bloom. Pulp is juicy with very specific flavors.


Dana Burun, Glglan

Resistance to diseases:

The variety has poor resistance to fungus diseases and pests.

Vegetative features:

Late ripening grape variety. The variety reaches its technical ripeness by the sum of active temperatures 3200-3300 O С in 160-170 days. Shoot maturation is sat. Yield – 10-15 t/ha.

Climate conditions:

Poor resistance to winter frosts. The vines of the variety grow well with a density of 2.8 * 1.5 m.
Wine characteristics:
This grape is used for the production of light white table wine and sparkling wine and brandy materials. The grapes are also consumed freshly.
Historic notes:
Lalvari is an Armenian indigenous, technical white grape variety. It belongs to eco- geographical group of eastern varieties. The grape is widely expended in the north-eastern part of Armenia, particularly in Noemberian and Tavush. The grape was named after the eponymous mount Lalvar.