Ampelographic characteristics:

Black, covered with thick wax layer.
Sugars content: 23.0 – 25.0 %
Leaves are medium sized, rounded, five lobed. Bunches are small and medium, conical or cylindrical, dense and very dense. Berries are medium sized, lightly oval shaped. Pulp is juicy, with pleasant flavors. Skin is lightly thick and firm.



Resistance to diseases:

Poor resistance to pests and fungal diseases.

Vegetative features:

The variety ripens in the second 10 days of September. Vigor of shoot growth is average. Yield is high – 18-22 t/ha

Climate conditions:

The grape has medium - level resistance to winter frosts.
Wine characteristics:
The grape is used in the production of table and dessert wines of high quality. It is allowed to use in Armenian cognac production. Tozot is often used in blend with other Armenian grape varieties, especially with Areni.
Historic notes:
Tozot is an Armenian red variety. It is very rare and found in small quantities in the area of Yeghegnadzor. The grape belongs to eco-geographical group of eastern grape varieties.