Ampelographic characteristics:

Black, covered with thick layer of pound.
Sugar content: 20.0-24.0 %
Leaves are medium, almost round. Bunches are medium, cylindrical, with medium density. Berries are medium, round. Skin is medium thick. Pulp and juice are coloured with an intense red colour.


Unknown. Selection number: № 2-18-23

Resistance to diseases:

The variety is relatively resistant to fungal diseases.

Vegetative features:

The following technical varity is late ripening grape. The grape reaches its technical ripeness in the sum of active temperatures 3000 – 3400 °С in 152 days. Yield – 25-30 t/ha.

Climate conditions:

The variety does not have specific requirements for soil structure and relief type. The vineyards of Haghtanak do not need to be covered for winter. Win the plant density of 2, 5 - 2, 7 * 1,5 m the most favorable conditions are created for the cultivation of this variety.
Wine characteristics:
Haghtanak is a red grape variety. Wines from Haghtanak have long ageing potential, expressed aromas of dark berries and peppery notes. The variety ages well in the oak: in the result, it gains aromas of coffee, chocolate and cocoa. As well as the ageing gives roundness and particular nobility in flavours. The variety is used in the production of high-quality red table wines of different style – dry, off-dry, sweet, fortified and even sparkling wines; as well as grape juice. The skin of Haghtanak is quite thick, which helps to get well coloured and tannic wines with rich aromas. It is considered to have some similarities with Cabernet Sauvignon: the latest also gives the wine deep and intense colour, and provides excellent structure and tannins.
Historic notes:
Haghtanak is an artificially selected Armenian grape variety, developed in 1977 by P. K. Ayvazyan in the center of viticultural investigations in Merdzavan, Armenia. It was created in the result of crossing Sorok Let Oktyabrya (Kopchak + Alicante Anri Buch) and the well-known Saperavi. The name of this variety is translated from Armenian as “Victory”. The grape is cultivated mainly in Ararat province.