Garan Dmak

Ampelographic characteristics:

Yellow-greenish, sometimes golden.
Sugar content – 21.0-25.0 %
Leaves are medium, almost round, five lobed. Bunches are medium size, cylindrical, and usually dense. Berries are medium and big. Skin is smooth. Pulp is juicy and delicate.


Tsantsar Kharji, Dik Kharji, Anali Khaghogh.

Resistance to diseases:

The variety is much damaged by oidium, less damaged by mildew

Vegetative features:

Vegetative characteristics: late maturing grape variety. Technical ripening reaches in the end of September, if the sum of active temperatures is 3480°- 3490 °С in 150 days. Shoot growing is good. Yield - 12-15 t/ha.

Climate conditions:

Soil plays direct role about the quantity and the quality of the yield. Stony, clayey and semi-desert soils provide high quality yield. Resistance of the variety against winter frosts is quite low. The optimal plant density is 2,5 * 1,5 m.
Wine characteristics:
Garan Dmak is used in the production of the wine material for white table wines and fortified wines. It is also used in the production of brandy and grape juice.
Historic notes:
Garan Dmak is an ancient technical white grape variety, mainly spread in Armavir region. In different parts of Ararat region Garan Dmak is met in small quantity or as singular plants. The etymology of the name comes from the Armenian language, in translation meaning “fat lamb tail”. The grape belongs to eco-geographical group of eastern varieties.