Ampelographic characteristics:

Greenish and yellow-green on the sun side
Sugar content: 21 – 23 %
Vines are medium height. Leaves are medium, strongly stretched, five lobed. Bunches are medium sized, prolonged-cylindrical, dense. Berries are medium, oval. Skin is elastic, covered with a thin bloom. Pulp is juicy.


Chilal, Skhtoruk, Chilali

Resistance to diseases:

The variety is very sensitive to fungal diseases, particularly to oidium and mildew (especially the berries). In certain years Chilar survives severe flower fall, resulting decrease in yield. Yield is high – 8-11 t/ha

Vegetative features:

Сорт среднего периода созревания. Тех. зрелость – в конце сентября при сумме активных t 2800 °С за 136 дней. На орошаемых виноградниках Армении сорт характеризуется средней силой роста и высокой урожайностью. Вызревание побегов хорошее. Урожайность лозы 8-11 т/га.

Climate conditions:

The variety does not have any requirements to soil structure and relief, though it can have good results in carbonic soils. The variety has low resistance against frost.
Wine characteristics:
Chilar is unique with its high sugar content. In blend with Kharji, it is possible to produce high-quality fortified wines – white portwein or sherry, also for brandy.
Historic notes:
Chilar is one of the main Armenian autochthonous white grape varieties, cultivated in the central regions of the country. Chilar is also demonstrated in almost all winemaking regions of Armenia in small quantities: there are no large vineyards of this variety. The variety belongs to eco-geographical group of eastern cultivars. Chilar is sometimes considered the Moldavian Telti kuruk by mistake, but in reality they are totally different cultivars, similar to each other only in the shape of bunches.