22 Feb 2022
A wide range of selected Armenian wines is now available in Europe

Through www.winesofarmenia.store you can discover Armenian wines created from
unique Armenian terroirs and get acquainted with unique stories within each bottle. The
www.winesofarmenia.store e-commerce platform for the direct sale of selected
Armenian wines were created with the support of @GIZ in cooperation with the Vine and
Wine Foundation in Armenia and @ACBAFederation. In addition to the online platform,
@GIZ has also supported the creation of a logistics center-warehouse and customer
service center in the EU.
On the one hand, the platform will allow small to medium producers to be represented in
the EU through the selection of a blind tasting competition, which is often fraught with
On the other hand, the platform will help wine lovers living in Europe discover new
flavors or send their favorite Armenian wine straight home. Finally, thanks to logistics,
Armenian wine producers can more easily participate in international trade and non-
trade fairs in Europe.